Our Story

Hi! I'm Allie, the Chief Executive Knitter at WhipKnits and these are the real bosses here -- Radish and Cheeky.

Our mission is to create whimsical products for hounds and humans that spread joy and smiles. In fact, we are determined to spark the revolution of World Pompomination!

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter – I love dogs, and the idea supporting myself (and my dogs) with a business that is focused on dogs makes my soul smile. This dog lover, however, grew up in a family of non-dog lovers. My childhood was filled with a series of parakeets, gerbils, and goldfish. I knew that as soon as I got my first home, I was getting a dog. And that is just what I did, the week after I moved into my tiny, 5th floor walk-up apartment in New York City. Fire, my whippet, was the gateway dog to a life filled with new adventures and new friends. When winter came and Fire got chilly, I searched the stores for a sweater to fit her breed’s unique body shape, with no luck. As a lifelong knitter, I decided to do-it-myself. Friends soon asked me to outfit their dogs, and WhipKnits was born.

Here is Fire in the first sweater I knitted.

It is many years since Fire passed, and the WhipKnits knitted product line has expanded to include pompom hats for hounds and humans, animal snoods, and sizing for many dog breeds. Plus, I have added whimsical hound-themed gear including cosmetic bags, cup cozies, and more.

In 2017, I was downsized from my job of 15+ years. This was the push I needed to turn WhipKnits from a hobby into a business. I opened an Etsy shop and was chosen by Etsy as one of their top new shops and featured on the Etsy blog. On Valentine’s Day, 2019, as a gift to myself, I took the plunge to go official and WhipKnits became an LLC. In 2021, I moved to South Carolina and here I am in WhipKnits new headquarters with the wall o’ yarn I have always dreamed about.